What Is Lead Zimbabwe

Lead Zimbabwe 2012 Conference

Lead Zimbabwe has been on the cards since 2009. It was affected by the inflationary situation and dollarization.

It is a forum that was birthed by Faith Ministries but it is not a church event but a national event where a non-threatening and non-partisan platform is offered, on which to share with other spiritual fathers and national leaders of all political affiiations.

The platform will provide visionary leadership from a biblical perspective across different sectors in order to create a righteous and God fearing nation. It is a gathering of Heads of Denominations and pastors, representing the entire body of Christ, where they engage in dialogue and interact with leaders from the business, civic and political community.

The Leadership Convention

The Leadership Convention will become an annual event, a biblical trend to give solutions to national problems across all sectors such as the judiciary, civic, business and the youth etc.

The conference does not seek to provide solutions but to influence change so that leaders of this nation can take business and the community to the next level.


The main objective is to speak to the nation, engage, encourage and inspire at leadership level so that the voice of God would be heard across all sectors in our nation. The platform is apolitical and its foundations are biblical principles.

Lead Zimbabwe seeks to contribute towards the provision of national solutions to our beloved Zimbabwe.

It aims to speak to the nation, to inspire, to challenge the direction of leadership values, leadership thrust and tools. The inaugural conference will draw panelists from local leaders who have experienced the Zimbabwe situation first hand and eventually engage those from other countries that have undergone similar experiences.

It will involve the fathers of the nation and the young people from a spiritual point of view with no political or partisan feel but purely Jesus based and driven with a biblical foundation.