My Eye Opening Experience With Lead Zimbabwe 2012

CassandraSo true is the scripture, ‘then the LORD replied: "Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.’ Habakkuk 2 verse 2 (NIV 1984)

We read the vision as written by Dr S. Munyeza about God’s plan for Zimbabwe. I was one of the runners, I was empowered to do so, the empowering was so spiritual, and l understood what God says about a nation that does not exalt Him. Through my fellow committee members under the chairmanship of Doug Mamvura, I got to understand and appreciate the plans that God has for Zimbabwe. This happened during the preparation stages as Friday after Friday we met, discussed the execution of this gathering. Week after week, the vision became very clear on paper and the mission given looked like no joke.

After every meeting l would ask any one of the members where really we were going, was that achievable and am grateful to the wise team, each one had a way to explain the logistics into detail. I wondered by the magnitude of the event, the number of invitations sent to different denominations, different organizations and individuals, l asked myself, ‘Who will finance this?’ As days became closer, the revelation became clearer but not crystal clear, but we continued running, continued executing, the meetings became intense and more time demanding.

Pastor Sande started updating on the confirmations and then we all realised that the ‘plane had taken off despite that as a committee we were still preparing the runway’, the pilot Dr Munyeza had taken position in the cockpit. Here we needed to be practical, money was needed, we had invited a thousand men and not just men, but servants of God.

God faithful as ever, ensured logistically we were on gear and the conference started. It was time to get the interpretation of the vision. Men of the cloth gathered, listened as Bishop Shana went through the document of “The Zimbabwe We Want”, setting pace that whoever was to follow would have an idea of the Zimbabwe that God’s children wanted.

As the panelists were invited on stage to deliberate moderated by Dr Munyeza, there was so much anticipation of the outcomes of the deliberations. Issues of how politics, culture and tribalism have filtered into the church and affected everyone seeped in. All this was said to bring out what had brought about the current situation in the country and assist in crushing out any hindrances to achieve the Zimbabwe Zimbabweans want. The vision became clearer, as everyone on the panel narrated different journeys walked and to walk for the love of our mother land. The discourse session was an eye opener, different men of God, servants of God, children of God echoed sentiments aligned to the Zimbabwe we want. The main message was, Zimbabwe is a Christian country, so may the Christians arise and set their destiny.

Dr. Ibbo Mandaza ignited a very powerful flame, that is, an apolitical flame, when he took everyone down memory lane, brought issues of tribalism, the migrations done over 200 years and the settling in the modern day Zimbabwe. The wealth of this country was mentioned and the value that could be brought in by the minerals found in this country. The flame could not be extinguished as politicians were brought to the church, yes the church brought the most controversial politicians into the house of God. They came with their political emblems representing the parties they come from. The church brought the young politicians who talk the modern language of information technology and indigenisation. The message was very clear; that the politics of this country was affecting development, growth and unity.

The discussion flowed and the panelists realised the need to work together, the atmosphere was very conducive as each panelist expressed and explained clearly questions asked without fear. The discourse ensured that the delegates connected with the politicians as question after question was asked and directed to different panelists. This session united the panelists hence setting a challenge upon each one of them as they witnessed the love the gathering had for Zimbabwe and were advised to carry the messages they had to their parties.

The Youths session brought out a different setting as the young were given the opportunity in the evening to deliberate on whom they want to be and where they ‘wanna’ be.

In this session, eyes were opened that while some are fighting for bread and butter issues there is a young girl deep rooted in Mutoko who is fighting for rights, not only hers but for every mapostori girl child. Hers is a religious battle and she is standing out. It is well known that the Vapostori sects have come out openly on what their belief systems are. They have issues that they are known for and need most of those corrected.

I could see tears being wiped from the eyes of many, this was a reality that we could not absorb but the audience had to as a heroine was being witnessed. Students representatives, political youth leaders and other various youth bodies took the evening to bring out their needs, wishes and desires. The common factor was all youths want to be given an opportunity to step up and prove they have the ability and agility to do it.

The next day of the conference Bishop Manhanga, the wise man from the East took up to the podium and spoke passionately about the Zimbabwe we want economically, challenging industry, the church and politicians to bring out a better Zimbabwe. The panellists all echoed one sentiment, that is, to put aside the different robes and collars of their denominations and work for a better country.

To conclude the two day conference, captains of the industry both men and women who run institutes some listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange took to the stage and deliberated on various issues with the major one being of women empowerment and emancipation. Women need to be recognised and take up high positions in the industry as it is no longer a man’s world.

With every good thing coming to an end, the Lead Zimbabwe Conference was successfully hosted and received so much appreciation and recommendation, as it brought under one roof the major players in the country, the politicians, the leaders of church denominations, the youths and captains achieving a milestone as this was a first for the church.

I look forward to numerous meetings of this nature and now that l can interpret the vision am running with it with all my strength and vigour, for I know the race has been set.